The perfect solution for small-business storage needs.

Keep Your Business Organized with Business Storage

When you have a small home-based business, you may have a small house, condo or apartment and you often find that your storage requirements can’t be met by your current location and your garage is already filled to capacity. Maybe you have a large operation but need the flexibility to expand and contract with your business. The answer to your small-business storage problem could be the Lakeside Self Storage just around the corner!

Self-employed plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and mechanics often have large equipment, tools and supplies they don’t use every day but still need easy access to commercial storage. When you start a job in a new area you don’t want to move your whole office and supplies to that area – so Lakeside Self Storage is your answer.

Retailers and wholesalers may have large inventories that they just can’t keep organized in a warehouse environment. A conveniently located self-storage unit can give you that extra space you need and easy access to your equipment or merchandise and keep you organized!

When choosing a self-storage facility for business storage purposes, there are a few questions you need to ask manager of the self-storage facility. Do I have to pay a deposit? Do I have to sign a long-term lease? Am I locked into the square footage I have rented? Do they do a credit check on my business and me? Does it take me weeks to negotiate additional space? At Lakeside the answer is NO to all of these questions. Get it when you want and your not locked into a long-term liability for your company’s commercial storage needs.

What’s great about Lakeside Self Storage is you can use it as your business grows:

  • As an extension of your home to store rarely used items
  • Store seasonal items, such as holiday decorations and winter sports equipment
  • For personal belongings like antiques too sentimental to throw away or sell
  • As a mini-warehouse for a growing home business

Medical/Legal Offices: Have a secure self storage space to store your supplies, briefs, records and more with a storage unit from LAKESIDE Self Storage.

Restaurants/Clubs: Now you can store extra tables, linens, dry packed food, seasonal decorations and more under one roof with a conveniently located storage unit from LAKESIDE Self Storage.

Retail – Shops: Make storing and organizing inventory a breeze with a spacious storage unit. Take advantage of using multiple units for specific product lines and promotions.

Contractors: Store paperwork, records, invoices and even equipment in such a tidy storage unit, you’ll wish your building site could be kept this clean and organized.

Moving Companies/Realtors: Use a LAKESIDE Self Storage unit as temporary storage during your move, for a client who is moving, or while staging a home that is for sale. Self storage also makes a perfect place to store lawn equipment or maintenance items for your apartment complex.

Pharmaceutical/Sales Force: Instead of keeping everything at home or in your trunk, store your business products and samples in a secure storage unit.